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March 21, 2009


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congratz People’s Water Forum

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Adoption of orphans from the earthquake was the "hot" to the present "cold", the result of some unfortunate indeed.

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Above all nations is humanity.

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Water is the new tipoc and concern it XXI century.. but humanity has to come first.

Water is the new treasure, we need it to live and also to produce electricity, the most important part of it is Planning development, but doing it by taking care of society.

I am against developing when it comes against people's lives like turkish goverment is doing...

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I agree with what they said that the watter should be a human right not just something that some people can have and others dont,they should do something to grant everyone with the gift of water.

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Water is blessed to mankind by nature and it should be the duty of every government to provide water to its people. It is pure torture not to quench the thirst of water. Lets just hope that we do not have water disputes in the future.

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Wow 700 people is pretty impressive for such a small event, congrats.


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